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The Movie - How to Draw a Perfect Circle (2009)

Really cool - How to Draw a Perfect Circle movie (Como Desenhar um Círculo Perfeito).

Movie Issued - in 2009.

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Color Info: Color
Countries: Portugal
Genres: Drama
Languages: English, Portuguese
Runtimes: Portugal:122
Release Dates: Portugal:2009

In movie have been taken:

Daniel Duval (actor)
Articles: "Guide des films de Jean Tulard : Les Acteurs" (France), 1996, pg. pgs. 362, 363, by: Jean Tulard, "Daniel Duval"
Spouse: 'Anna Karina' (qv) (1978 - ?) (divorced)
Daniel Duval be full of a doesn`t hold alert adolescence. In doggedness from an spur-of-the-moment age, it be not confident all for him to be well-balanced. As a teen, he was made to swot up a profession. While an apprentice-joiner, he become ailing and found himself bordered by health centre: that be where on earth he found his valid profession. He mutual his legroom next to the company of the blessed program "Le Jour du Seigneur" and after conversation with him realize that his intentional was not in making table or shutters but in direct show or cinema. He learn this modern trade with more animation than the ex one and immediately became a TV squad commanding officer, a the flicks director and an actor, the latter hobby sooner or subsequently becoming his prevalent one. With a gaunt amount and an atrophied gaunt front wall he was predisposed to alarming characters, sometimes optimist and self-destructive but always belligerent. He tend to model these merits features in real inbred life, which cause him agitate and upset his trade, even influential him to childish offender` institution in 1987. Fortunately he was released for dearth of attestation and resume his acting career. He made a astonishing comeback in 1996 with two in particular aggressive and cowardly brains: the father in "Y aura-t-il de la neige à Noël?" and the sadistic lover in 1998 "Si je t'aime prends garde à toi". Among the women who shared his life be Haydée Politoff and Anna Karina. He have a son, Cyril, who is an assistant-director.
Birth Notes: Vitry-sur-Seine, France
Has supported Lionel Jospin's 2002 presidential campaign., Father of 'Cyril Duval' (qv).
Birth Date: 28 November 1944

Albano Jerónimo (actor)
Height: 191 cm
Birth Notes: Alhandra, Portugal
Birth Date: 30 July 1979

Rafael Morais (actor)
Height: 180 cm
Birth Notes: Coimbra, Portugal
Currently living in Los Angeles., Twin brother of Edgar Morais.
Other Works: Worldwide commercial "Coca Cola" (2007)
Birth Date: 25 June 1989

Tiago Rodrigues (actor)
Birth Notes: Lisbon, Portugal
Birth Date: 16 February 1977

Thomaz Valentim (actor)

João Pedro Vaz (actor)
Other Works: TV commercial of Portuguese bank BPI (2006).

Gonçalo Waddington (actor)
Spouse: 'Carla Maciel' (qv) (2002 - present); 1 child
Height: 177 cm
Birth Notes: Lisbon, Portugal
Birth Name: de Oliveira, Gonçalo Filipe Waddington Marques
He studied in the Cascais Professional School of Theater (1994-1997)., He did several workshops of acting., He worked in at least 12 theater plays. His theater debut was the play "A importância de Ser Amável" de Oscar Wilde (1997/98). After that there were the plays: "Endgame" of Samuel Beckett (2003), "Ninguém ficará Imune" of David Mamet (2001/02) and "Nós depois Telefonamos" (2003). Leading role in " The PillowMan " of Martin McDonagh. (2006), "When Winter Comes" of José Luis Peixoto. (2007); and several other plays., His football team is F.C.Porto., Beside Portuguese, Gonçalo speaks English, French and Spanish., Father of a girl named Luísa, born in 2005.
Birth Date: 25 September 1977

Beatriz Afonso (actress)

Beatriz Batarda (actress)
Articles: "Visão" (Portugal), 21 April 2005, Vol. --, Iss. 633, pg. 134-140, by: Sara Belo Luís, "Cultura: Maior do que a vida"
Spouse: 'Bernardo Sassetti' (qv) (? - present)
Quotes: As a child, I didn't wish to be an actress.
Birth Notes: London, England, UK
Where Now: (April 2005) Starring in "Berenice", by Racine, in a translation by the poet Vasco Graça Moura, at Lisbon's Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II.
Birth Name: Batarda, Beatriz da Silveira Moreno
1998: Named as one of European films 'Shooting Stars' by European Film Promotion., Enjoys horse-riding, and watching dolphins., Acted in a Coca-Cola ad when she was needing cash., Daughter of Eduardo Manuel Fernandes Batarda and wife Cláudia Maria Germaine da Silveira Moreno., First cousin of actress 'Leonor Silveira' (qv)., Her maternal grandmother was of French ancestry.
Birth Date: 1 April 1974

Joana Bárcia (actress)
Birth Date: 1972

Joana de Verona (actress)
Birth Name: Borges, Joana de Verona Correia Vilela Machado
Birth Notes: Lisbon, Portugal
Birth Date: 8 December 1989

Maria Antónia Gouveia Gouveia (actress)

Carla Maciel (actress)
Birth Notes: Portugal
Expecting her second child (2009)., Mother of a girl named Luísa born in 2005.
Spouse: 'Gonçalo Waddington' (qv) (2002 - present); 1 child
Birth Date: 3 September 1974

Catarina Mira (actress)

Lourdes Norberto (actress)
Birth Name: Norberto, Maria de Lourdes Martins
Birth Notes: Lisbon, Portugal
Father: Luís Norberto. Mother: Maria da Conceição Martins. Has a daughter from her early marriage ceremony name Ana Maria Norberto da Silveira e Charters (b. 18 Mar 1956). Her first husband belong to the House of the Viscounts of São Sebastião.
Spouse: 'Fausto Fernando Baptista de Lima' (? - 17 August 2005) (his death), '?' (? - ?) (divorced), 'Guilherme Luís Correia da Costa e Vasconcelos da Silveira e Charters' (16 June 1955 - ?) (divorced); 1 child
Birth Date: 28 January 1932

Maria Manuela Ribeira (actress)

Mónica Sintra (actress)

Alexandra Viveiros (actress)

Carlo D'Ursi (producer)

António da Cunha Telles (producer)
Articles: "F.I.M. - Festivais de Imagem Em Movimento" (Portugal), September 1998, Iss. 2, pg. 23, "As Vidas de António da Cunha Telles"
Interviews: "Expresso - Cartaz" (Portugal), April 1994, Iss. 1120, pg. 5, by: João Lopes, "Um Oscar semi-português"
Birth Notes: Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
In the late 1960s, studied at IDHEC, Paris, France.
Birth Date: 26 February 1935

Pandora da Cunha Telles (producer)
Height: 173 cm

Marco Martins (writer)
Birth Date: 1972

Gonçalo M. Tavares (writer)

Carlos Lopes (cinematographer)

Bernardo Sassetti (composer)
He is a grand-nephew of composers 'Luís de Freitas Branco' (qv) and 'Pedro de Freitas Branco'., He is a great-grandson by male line of Sidónio Bernardino Cardoso da Silva Pais, 99th Prime-Minister and 4th President of the Republic of Portugal., Has eight older siblings: Maria de Lourdes (b. 11 Apr 1953), Sidónio (b. 21 Jun 1954), Sidónio (b. 21 Jun 1957), Pedro (b. 7 Jul 1955), Isabel Maria (b. 6 May 1957), Maria do Rosário (b. 8 Sep 1960), Maria do Carmo (b. 8 Jun 1962) and Francisco (b. 6 Dec 1964)., Son of Sidónio de Freitas Branco Pais and Maria de Lourdes de Macedo Sacchetti.
Nick Names: Bábá
Started study classic grand piano at age 9. Studied jazz next to Horace Parlan and Sir Roland Hanna. Started playing jazz professionally inside 1988 in Portugal, and clench since given concert all ended the world. Has record fulsome CDs, in solo or in slot of wad of definite ensembles, as capably as a taking part in Guy Barker's 3rd CD, alongside the London Philarmonic Orchestra and Sting. He has score fruitful soundtracks all for quite a lot of classic Portuguese cinema, such as _Os Crimes de Diogo Alves (1911)_ (qv) (João Tavares) and _Maria apply Mar (1930)_ (qv) (J. Leitão de Barros) moreover as for more recent films: _Facas e Anjos (2000) (TV)_ (qv) (Eduardo Guedes) and "Aniversário" (Mário Barroso, 2000). With his trio he represent Portugal in the 1st European Jazz Festival in Athens, 2001.
Birth Notes: Lisbon, Portugal
Birth Name: Pais, Bernardo da Costa Sassetti
Spouse: 'Beatriz Batarda' (qv) (? - present)
Birth Date: 24 June 1970

Silvia Grabowski (costume designer)

Marco Martins (director)
Birth Date: 1972

João Braz (editor)

Richard Marizy (editor)

Sérgio Aragão (miscellaneous crew)

Paulo Costa (miscellaneous crew)

Marta Fernandes (miscellaneous crew)

André Garcia (miscellaneous crew)

Gonçalo Macieira (miscellaneous crew)

Clara Martins (miscellaneous crew)

Andreia Nunes (miscellaneous crew)
Birth Notes: Lisbon, Portugal
Birth Date: 9 February 1985

Vanessa Patrício (miscellaneous crew)

Rui Pimenta (miscellaneous crew)

Laura Salgado (miscellaneous crew)

Inés Serras (miscellaneous crew)

Rita Simão (miscellaneous crew)
Birth Name: Simão, Rita Pereira

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